Dark Waters of Freeport

Mystery reveled

The party flush with coin after helping the ghost of Captain Fletcher decide to live it up at the Black Gull. Within minutes they start their first barroom brawl and survive busted up and drunk. As they head out to sleep it off, they are met by a press gang with an “offer” of employment. Jin having taken the worse of the excitment at the Black Gull, just tosses his money pouch and continues on his way. Having seen this Brother Egil realizes he may have found the help he is seeking. He approaches the party with what he hopes will be a better offer. They go to the Scholarly Quill to discuss the details (with the impressed working girl Tina in tow). Egil explains why he needs their help. His friend and coworker Lucius has gone missing and offers what little coin he has to them for their help in finding him. The party accepts.

After searching Lucius’ home they find few clues, but one leads them to Scarbelly. This frightful encounter revels Lucius did meet with the orc captian on this occasion and gives little help as to his whereabouts. He informs the party that he had been a part of his crew years ago for a few months and was dropped off in Hardby. The next lead takes them to the Temple of Delleb. Once they reach the temple they are refused an audience with the high priest, Thuron. The excuse given is; he is busy with the lighthouse that is being built by the Sea Lord. They do however met with his assistant Milos. Milos is an elderly librarian that is of little help, and has even less concern for his missing pupil. At a dead end they return to Lucius’ home to search for any missed clues. The last clue they have is turnips, so they head out in the morning to follow it up.

Less than a block on their way they are ambushed by a gang of thugs. The party, in much better condition this time than their last encounter on the streets with the press gang, fights off the gang and captures their leader, Rittoro and a sorcerer. With an offer of leniancy he explains he was hired by a worthless scallywag named Enzo and agrees to “introduce” the party to him. As the party is questioning Enzo, the leader, who has been let go, returns and releases the captured sorcerer and dead gang member, removing all evidence of their involvment. Meanwhile, Enzo squeels like a stuck pig and tells the party everything he knows. This leads them to an abandoned building in the Eastern district.

After much debate, the party finally enters the building the following night. There they find a door leading to the basement. Searching several large wine barrels they discover the secret entrance to a man-made underground complex. They investigate a ritual chamber and a treasure room guarded by skeletons and snake-headed humanoids. Ray Gillette destroys the skeletons with his holy power and the rest of the party easliy dispatch the serpent people. In the next room they find is a library filled with books in a strange unknown script. They do find one book titled “The Book of the Unspeakable One” in common. Osbourne Thorngage pockets this away then they go to the end of the passage and find an eerie temple displaying an unusual “yellow sign”. In it they are met by Milos of all people, and two attendants. After a back and forth battle that finds Jin down and Frank dying on the alter they finally fell Milos. As he dies he curses them saying, “By the Yellow Sign we will rule,” then changes into his true form, that of a serpent creature.

They find Lucius tortured and unconscious. He explains, that he was tortured for infomation about when he was unknowingly possessed. They return him to Egil and report the entire matter to the authorities.


“After much debate” My god we put Scrooge McDuck to shame arguing over pennies with those urchins

Mystery reveled

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Mystery reveled

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