Dark Waters of Freeport

Tempest at the Resort

They split up; Ash stays with Lady Grossette, Ray and Frank guard the stairs, Jin and Trista go to the end of the hall to rescue whoever is being abused. They find four pirates abusing two young men. One of the pirates is not only filthy and covered in sore and scars, but they can smell him from out in the hall. Jin is able to hold off the duel wielding slob, but takes some hard hits when they get flanking on him. Ray and Frank fight off the hordes that come up the stairs while dodging bullets from a bard singing from downstairs. Osbourne gets cut off by some pirates as they wake from all the commotion. Just when things start to look grave for the heroes they hear fighting from downstairs. Worried that the ghouls from outside were going to be coming after them too they are relieved to see a women killing the pirates too. With Fraya’s help they kill most of the rapists except for the one that jumped though the second floor window.

They climb through the debris of the windblown forest to the cove where the Gallant is taking shelter. After some repairs they head back to Freeport with Lady Grossette and Fraya aboard. They immediately report to Councilor Roberts. After seeing that Lady Grossette is safe at home he calls an emergency meeting of the Captains Council. He sets it up in a public place to force Soderheim’s supporters to acknowledge the man’s corruption.

They meet the remaining councilors at the Plaza of Gold and find a small crowd already gathering. Roberts calls Ray to present the evidence against Soderheim. For another hour the council is locked in a debate about what to do with Soderheim. Eventually, Marilise Maeorgan comes forth with a bold and fierce argument that starts to sway the council when all hell breaks loose. An assasin appears suddenly coming out of invisibility, as he pushes a blade into Robert’s spine. Several others start shooting crossbows from the crowd. Marilise and Ray both take serious wounds. The crowd panics and runs along with several council members. Only Roberts and Marilise stand their ground along with the heroes. Marilise scolds one would-be assasin to such an extent he flees the scene. Ray falls in the fight, but they manage to chase two others off after killing one of them.


Rough time being in political office

Tempest at the Resort

Ray’s alive, right?

Tempest at the Resort

Where was the Secret Service? I hope they didn’t expect us to stand in for that. I didn’t even get one of those cool earpieces!

Tempest at the Resort

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