Frank is a thin, young, nimble, independent young swashbuckler who often acts without thinking.


Frank is a sunbleached blond wearing typical, though a little too revealing, pirate attire. She is a swashbuckler who jumps, climbs, and flies (she wishes) through the sails.


Frank grew up on the streets of Freeport. She doesn’t talk about her childhood, and avoids questions about her years on the streets. She became friends at one point with Tristiana, and trusts only her. Ray, though, has quickly become another trusted friend. Frank also avoids thinking as much as possible through action or drinking herself into oblivion. She found a second home as a cabin boy(girl) on a ship and is never happier than when she is high on the sails feeling the wind at her back. While sailing, she learned the skill of swordplay with her trusty rapier. Any man (or woman) who makes unwanted advances, beware, she only plays on her own terms. (which aren’t necessarily too stringent)


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