Swashbuckler and bane of pirates


Though some would call her handsome, she has a hint of an exotic quality to her beauty disguised only by the fact she is decidedly un-ladylike. More at home in the cloths of a sailor than a dress, Fraya cares little for any kind of clothing that restricts her ability to sail or fight. However, Fraya is very, very fond of jewelry, and the gaudier the better.


It is no exaggeration to say Fraya hates pirates with every fiber of her being. The circumstances leading up to her rescue by Captain Flynn were harrowing by anyone’s standard, and she rightly blames rampant piracy for what happened to her. However, instead of being visibly haunted by her experiences, Fraya became more bold and aggressive following her captivity. She has served Flynn as first mate on the Retribution since he resuced her over a year ago.


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