A human male that is always bare-chested to show off the initals MF carved into his chect. Never seen wearing any armor or shield, but covered head to toe in tatoos and scarings. Carries a Falchion and little else.


The Black Gull attracts the very worst the Docks has to offer, and a few dangerous men choose this watering hole over most others, including the Rusty Hook. One tough bastard in particular bears mention. He goes by MF , but no one knows what the initials stand for. MF spends three nights a week here, sitting alone and sipping the cheapest swill available. He carved his initials into his chest a couple of years ago and dares anyone to comment on them. MF is the only regular patron Buster won’t challenge.

Fought alongside Buster and Dill during the barbarian invasion. Later died at the hand of Scarbelly during the attack of the Six.


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