Dark Waters of Freeport

The Attack of the Six

After a month of research and planning in preparation of an imminent attack from six powerful wizards, the time has come. As the group waits at their appointed places in the city they see the distress call coming from Drac’s End. When they arrive they see several alien creatures rampaging through the city, but more importantly they notice students fleeing from the Freeport Institute. Racing through the academy they find professor Whitmire viciously slain and his office aflame. They track down the Alienist wizard in red dragon form and assault him only to have him teleport to safety.
Meanwhile, the others are attempting to locate one of their own. A wizard from the city guild has gone rogue and they have no idea of her intentions. During the search they see warnings coming from the Sea Lord’s palace and they split up even further. Trey and Frank sprint through the castle passing injured guards and thugs on their way. In what appears to be Marilise’s chambers they find Karl the Kraken and some friends along with an invisible Enchanter. Before even getting an attack off on him he magically walks through the wall and escapes.
All the while a stormcaster is pummeling the Fortress of Justice in an apparent attempt to aid the prisoners of the Tombs in escaping. As the entire party converges on him, he then makes his escape after causing severe damage to the forces and structures of the center of law and order in the city.

They decide a new strategy is needed.

A decision was made to stay together as a group to better deal with the attacking wizards and defend each other. Two days later another alarm goes up in the Merchant district. They race to the Plaza of Gold to see the statue of the deity Xerbo marching through the streets tearing up the vendors booths as it goes. Also, many citizens seem to be frantic or confused, but no sign of any attacking wizard. Moments later an alarm goes up in the nearby temple district and the heroes rush to find the temple to Procan engulfed in toxic fumes and the temple to Kord in chaos, as several members are attacking each other. At the heart of it all is a mass of tentacles that begins attacking them. After several rounds of combat with the party, it leaves to continue its attack on the temples. This time covering the temple of Trithereon in an acidic mist, and setting the libraries of the temple of Knowledge ablaze. They split their attention between stopping the destruction of the temples and killing the creature. None the less, they are able to defeat the creature and determine it to be the Wild Mage.

While all this was going on several other attacks have taken place around the city. The pirate Scarbelly has ordered his crew and other orcs from Bloodsalt to attack the docks. The city watch along with many citizens put up a good fight till the party arrives and settles things down. They find many dead on both sides, including MF. Scarbelly has somehow been put in an invisible prison much to his dismay. In the distant a barrage of lightning strikes hit the Lighthouse and the surrounding area. They latter learn the wizards guild was attacked with many area fire spells aimed at destroying the building and killing everyone in it. The structure was relatively unscathed except for the death of Tarmon, the guildmaster.
The very next morning all hell breaks loose. The party is attack as they stand guard in the tower wall and the streets of old town fill with bizarre creatures. When the smoke clears, they have managed to kill the Alienist and the Stormcaster, but Fherrol has died in the process. They latter learn the Mindbender was killed attempting to take control of the Syndicate.

The final tally is 4 of the Six attacking wizards have been slain, the Wild Mage, the Alienist, the Stormcaster and the Mind Bender. The Fatespinner has escaped and the Archmage was never seen.



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