Dark Waters of Freeport

Draining of Life

When most of the group returns, Theodor steps through the wall in an attempt to destroy the undead by channeling the power of Pelor. However, the necromancer’s influence over the undead is too great, and Theo finds himself alone. As some join him past the wall, the remaining heroes in the hallway are attacked by undead baboons. Joining the group outside is an Elf that introduces himself as Alehim Tazotha Moag Starseer. When faced with these life draining baboons, Alehim conjures some disgusting creatures of his own to fight them. The sight of these creatures shakes the will of everyone that sees them, but they steady themselves. Finally Theo’s casting of positive energy weakens the undead in the room enough so the others can destroy them. Then when ganged up on the necromancer is no match and falls easily. In the aftermath, almost everyone in the group finds themselves drained of some of their life.
Continuing down the tower they get to the next door when Seer starts screaming and laughing, “They are about to kill him!” Opening the door, they find a giant lizardfolk and a couple of purebloods attempting to sacrifice a second human that is fighting back. They rush in the room as other shackled prisoners await the same fate. Just as the fighters run in, the large lizard appears outside, once again the fight is split up. As the group makes easy work of the purebloods, the naked human tumbles off the sacrificial table and begins arming himself. Just as the last foe is defeated he finally picks up the last of what he claims are his belongings. When questioned, he introduces himself as Marcus, and he was sent here to investigate any infernal forces, but he has found none.
The next level of the tower brings them to the last portal. The portal to the Tower of Worlds.


here we go again

Draining of Life

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