Dark Waters of Freeport

Fiery Nightmare

They enter the floating smoking rock by willing part of the rock out of existence and begin fighting their way through wave after wave of fire creatures. Each time they clear one area they search for another section of wall to open with their mind. They are met with barriers of molten rock and walls of fire but they fight their way through. They encounter a giant Efreeti surrounded by lave, but when he is approached he flees. After destroying yet another barrier they encounter him again, in the center of a large room flanked by fresh minions. The group does not fall victim to the illusionary trap of him standing exposed and he is force to come out of hiding. This time he stands his ground. He brings both Frank and Neva to their knees but eventually is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the heroes after they dispatch his guards.

They continue in search of the captured blacksmiths and find a chamber containing a large floating black crystal surrounded by sigils both floating in midair and covering all the surfaces. Also in the room are three humans in some sort of ritualistic trance. Fherrol recognizes some of the markings as signs of chaos and entropy, Theo seems to identify other symbols and orders the party to destroy the giant floating obelisk. Suddenly the room fills with despair.



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