Dark Waters of Freeport

Fortress of Snakes

They complete their search of the farmhouse. In addition to the alchemy lab, they find the sparse sleeping quarters of a woman. Some of her clothes seem to have come from Chamber’s Asylum. Upon interrogating the surviving guard he confirms that Naylor had rescued an old crazy lady from the asylum a few months back, but that the snake people had taken her to their fortress just recently.

They follow the trail leading from the farmhouse and into the newly formed rift and come upon a fortress that seems built into the side of the mountain. Trista disables the counterweight holding the massive doors closed and they enter a huge hall shrouded in shadowy darkness. They immediately come under attack by a giant skeletal lizard and arrows raining down from snake-headed creatures on the level above. These hindrances are easily defeated compared to the spellcasting snake creature that joins the combat shortly thereafter. His defenses make him almost impossible to hit until they are dispelled. When he is finally defeated they find themselves virtually drained of all healing magic, so they look for a place to rest.

Having many choices in directions to go they choose the closest door. There they are met by a spear welding lizard-folk named Chavakuth, who’s only concern appears to be the destruction of a clan of poison dusk lizards that defile his god Sertrous in the name of the Vanguard. He is willing to help but only after his enemies are destroyed. So the group prepares to rest here in this shrine for 24 hours to regain spells before continuing. Chavakuth says he will return then, to see if you are still alive to help him.


Into the dungeon!

Fortress of Snakes

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