Dark Waters of Freeport

Hell or High Water, the conclusion

As they lick their wounds and prepare for the final battle, they hear the low rumble of a horn, and they know their enemies are summoning more aid. After removing the glyph on the doorway they rush into a massive underwater cavern, bigger than any chamber they have seen down here. The size of the area is almost filled with the Kraken and his glowing red eyes. Once most of them are in the water Bartholomul puffs on the horn once again, this time, mixing the water with nauseating blood. If that is not bad enough, three of the largest sharks ever seen appear. Ricard races to the giant squid and attacks, Frank and Seal approach Jin, as Trayvin magically transports the rest past another trap on the entryway. Not only do they have to deal with grapples from the kraken and the sharks, but an elder water elemental creates a whirlpool that sweeps up Theo. Frank and Seal concentrate on Jin, but that leaves the half-fiend halfling free for sneak attacks that kill Seal. When Frank finally lands the killing blow on Jin, a look of relief comes across his face as he collapses. Tray and Ricard flank the kraken, but have to also deal with several interruptions from sharks and elementals that drag them away. With the group split up and Theo engulfed by the elemental everyone has dangerous wounds. Frank falls from the long reach of the kraken, but Ricard finally finishes it off as Theo sends the elemental home. Seeing he is outnumber Bartholomul returns to Hell, leaving the artifacts behind.

They return to the air filled chamber to see the Psion looting what little is on the bodies of the fallen monks and barbarians. He grabs all their potions and a few magical trinkets before leaving. A search of the entire area finds no sign of all the treasure Bartholomul has been removing from this temple. All they find are is his copious notes regarding research into how to take the artifacts back to hell. In addition, he makes mention of getting ideas from this underwater labyrinth for his latest trap to guard his vault and all of his new found treasure.



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