Dark Waters of Freeport

Search for Madness

After asking questions of the heads of the dead wizards and comparing that information with what Fherrol had told them they decide to search the northern coast of A’Val. After weeks of scouring the coast and the ocean floor they uncover an ancient lava tube and follow it into the heart of the mountain. They discover a gigantic enclosed cavern in the center of the island they have been living on for years and never knew of. It is infested with all sorts of primordial creatures, including dinosaurs, giant alligators, trolls and a community of serpent creatures. Atop a large stalagmite they find carvings of snakes that can be none-other than Valossan. Searching through the disturbing images they find several passages that are not only dead-ends but trapped. The fourth and final passage leads to an open room. As they descend they come under attack from powerful invisible fire giants, only to latter find they are trolls covered in illusions of giants. One of these “giants” spends the entire fight casting powerful spells and as the fight turns in the party’s favor, this spellcaster creates a prismatic sphere just of the Fatespinner did in Freeport.



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