Dark Waters of Freeport

The Job

Early one morning they receive a letter at their door delivered by a halfling messenger. Apparently the group’s presence is being request by Finn. Even after Trista informs everyone of Finn’s involvement in a crime organization they decide to honor his request. After personally greeting each and every one, he settles into his desk to appeal for assistance. He too has taken notice of the disappearances of some of the cities less fortunate and wants the group to investigate. After turning down two other better paying offers over the last week, they agree to the assignment from the suspected criminal. Their first plan is to seek out the Beggar King, but Finn tells them to save their breath, he was killed last night during his own investigation. Over the next few days they get confirmation from the dock workers, and the city watch in regards to the missing beggars, there have however been no bodies found. Theodore calls on the power of Pelor to speak to the Beggar King beyond the grave. He had surprised the culprit, only to get the worst of the encounter. He describes a skinny older man accompanied by birds, but not much else, this is confirmed by a beggar halfling child that saw him too. He saw him walking funny as if hopping even while carrying a large sack. He later seemed to think the sack was just floating along with him as he moved.

Having expended all their attempts to get more information they attempt to set up an ambush by having Osbourne play the part of a poor beggar. During the second night of this, swarms of birds attacked as most watched Osbourne from the rooftops. Being mostly helpless against the birds, all they could do was avoid them as best they could until they finally dissipated. Returning home to lick their wounds and recover their pride, they receive a summons from Finn. As they make their way, they are surprised by an attack from a female conjurer and others. It’s the same group of thugs that attacked several members days ago, the assassins sent by Genovessi Lotharias. This time the group is at full force and easily dispatches them, even chasing them down as the run away. Upon finally arriving at Finn’s, he expresses his concern for the continuing disappearances. After absorbing all the group has discovered, he is reminded of an encounter he had with birds over 20 years ago. On an island not far from Freeport he helped defend a village from an attack of lizardfolk. The attack occurred at night during the new moon making sight difficult, and was led by hoards of birds chanting the name “Decarabia”. He had personally fought a Vrock, before being thrown from the fight, never even seeing the leader they called the Messenger.


M is for movement because he has a strange stride
O is for ornithology the study of birds
T is for trap, the one that failed
I is for investigation, the one we’re still doing
V is for Vrock, the creature Finn fought
E is for earnings, the cash we’ll receive if we figure this out.

The Job

Maybe we should travel to the island Finn talked about.

The Job

I think what we really need to worry about is…What is Finn’s REAL agenda? Somehow we always seem to get in the middle of someone else’s drama. Looks like we have done it again!

The Job

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