Dark Waters of Freeport

The Oracle on Dreaming Street

They find Zenon hiding out in the Scholarly Quill. He tells them he was attacked in the middle of the night as he was following up on his latest scoop. He was able to get away from hooded attacker, but the wound he received continued to bleed for a while after he ran. It did finally stop bleeding but it really scared him. He is glad to see you and hopes you will help him when he goes out to check on this growing cult in the Fool’s Market. There have been stories about a splinter group of the Speakers of Truth that call themselves the Truth Speakers. They have been growing fast and perhaps they have something to do with the rash of secrets being revealed around town. You all meet Aletha Dorch, the leading of the Truth Speakers during a major argument among the rival sects. Once it is settled she offers to prophesy on the subject of the secrets and covers her head in a lacy shawl. During her mumblings she mentions “the horns of no regret” several times. Richard recognizes this as being the Unrepentant, a pirate ship captained by a minotaur. Trista checks with the various guilds to inquire about the recent events, but is not met by any of the leaders. Getting no answers she tells the Canting Crew to check out the Unrepentant them-selves. They stake out the ship at the docks and uncover a scheme by some of Sarangay’s crew to steal back the magic items the minotaur is pedaling. He is selling handkerchiefs called Thoughwipes; they are used to remove possible damaging secrets from one’s mind so no one else can magically steal them. Unbeknownst to Sarangay some of his crew are stealing them back and either blackmailing the original owners or just reselling them. As they follow these thieves Seal, notices they are being watched. Without asking any questions to telling the rest of the party she attacks these bystanders for no reason. After knocking 2 of them unconscious she realize they are from a thieves guild and leaves one of them that is bleeding out a potion of curing in hopes that he wakes up in time to drink it and survive her onslaught. When they confront Captain Sarangay he is grateful for their help and hopes they will keep this among themselves.

The next day, they go to follow up on a lead about an up-and-coming prostitute at the Torchlight Academy. Just months ago she was nothing but a normal working girl and now she is an oracle that has taken control of the brothel from Lady Jane. They are sent into a room to meet with this prophet, the next thing they know they are dumped into a trash heap with a couple of Otyughs. They escape from that room only to encounter a medusa of all things.



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