Dark Waters of Freeport

The Trap is Sprung

They rest up to regain their strength after the hard won fight. Once healthy they attempt to ask the remains of the destroyed naga questions, but it seems unwilling to reveal any secrets. They continue their search of the clock-tower. They get past some trapped statues that are part of the workings of this mechanical monstrosity. At the very top they see the key they are looking for, however it is guarded by 2 massive metal statues of devils. They discover that attacking them is like attacking the broad side of a barn, but even so the barn is sturdy. Finally they get the key and start the clock, and the entire structure comes to life, with gears spinning and statues moving. After several minutes the massive building lifts up and begins walking. Their attempts to stay inside with eventually wear them down so they exit it and plan to follow it.
Once outside they are met by the same outlaws that ambushed them in Freetown, but this time their leader Rogal is with them. A brief exchange of word ensues but Clem determined to regain his bow from Rroth once again releases a volley into his chest. In no time both the archer and the monk abandon Rogal, and he attempts to make sense of what is going on. Before a blink of an eye they find themselves surrounded by devils of all types. The leader is the Horned devil from Freetown, he half-heartedly offers a chance for the group to surrender, and seems pleased when they do not do so. At least not till they find themselves all overwhelmed by the subduing attacks. Upon capitulation each is rendered unconscious. When they awake they find themselves naked and on the cold floor of the hellish prison, known as the Forge.



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