Dark Waters of Freeport

Truth Sunders Again

As the group discusses their fate with the stoic Archon they hear a scream from outside the building and move to investigate. As usual Seal arrives there first and sees a manic escaped patient. She is taken aback by its frightful scream. The Archon appears behind him and ready to strike. A fight breaks out, some trying to subdue the insane citizen of Freeport, others trying to stop the Archon from slaying the poor soul. When the dust clears the Archon is dying and the patient is subdued. They decide to investigate inside Chambers Asylum to get some answers. There they find some more Hound Archons lead by a Trumpet Archon and they are killing all the humans. The group demands answers to what is going on. The Trumpet Archon introduces himself as Mordrok. He explains that due to the increase of insanity in the city it has given an entity, he calls the Primordial Chaos, a foothold into the prime material here in Freeport. Many of the patients have become anchors for this creature of chaos, the others are assessable to becoming the same, and they all must be killed before it is too late. The group agrees to help slay all the anchors but only if they can save those that have just been sundered. Only Ricard disagrees; he will not become a mass murderer, so he leaves to update the Sea Lord. So the Archons and the party destroy about a dozen of the anchored patients and guards. They find about a half dozen that are still able to be saved by Theo’s healing.

They continue their search going upstairs and encounter Bianka Altanish the director of the asylum. She had gathered several volunteers in an attempt to restore order. However, as they are discussing the situation, something comes over her and she begins admitting to terrible crimes against the inmates under her care. She has been using them in her “life research” in an attempt to root out the secret of immortality due to her own fear of death. She and all of her associates are quickly subdued. Theo determines that she has been infected with the same eye that befell Trista, and that is the reason for her surprising and sudden confession. None-the-less Trista intends to turn her over to the City Watch to face trial for her crimes. Before she is turned over Bianka pleads for her life. She lets them know the she has Aletha Dorch of the Truth Speakers in her laboratory. She has been questioning her in an effort to find out the truth of immortality. In these sessions she has learned that most, if not all of the cause for the recent rash of secrets being reveled is due to a lantern of some sorts, and it is currently being wielded by none other than Harcourt Horkel.



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