C.Q. Calame

The owner of the Shipping News


C.Q. is approaching his middle years. He has pleasant features and bright eyes. He’s good with people, and a few words is usually all it takes to get them talking. He wears a simple white shirt, breeches, and floppy hat. He’s never without a blank, bound book, quill, and inkpot, so he can take notes about what he sees and encounters. His fingertips are permanently black with ink.


The owner and publisher of the Shipping News, C.Q. Calame, inherited all of his grandfather’s spunk, talent for writing, and business savvy. He knows a story when he hears it, and his editorials are the most popular. Calame realizes the Shipping News is as much a part of Freeport as the Sea Lord, so he takes his responsibility seriously.

Some people say C.Q.’s the most powerful man on the island—he can move public opinion, spread the word on just about anything, and there’s nobody in town he doesn’t know. Sure, he’s made lots of enemies with all the juicy stories he’s run, but there’s nobody in town that would dare lift a finger against him. And nobody can buy him off, either.

C.Q. Calame

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