Masson Francisco

Speaker of Libertyville


Masson Francisco is a fit, moderately attractive man with long blond hair and a neatly trimmed moustache and goatee. He dresses in the mismatched finery and cobbled-together regalia of a pirate captain; his clothes are cleaner on formal occasions, but no less eye-catching. He almost always goes armed with a cutlass and a brace of pistols in his belt.


Driven, passionate, and erudite, Masson Francisco could have been a scholar. Instead, he’s embraced a life of theft, battle, and plunder without regret. Francisco is a true believer, an ideologue who holds the Pirate’s Code to be a greater work than any book of law or social contract. “Personal responsibility” is more than a phrase to him—it’s his god. Despite his fervor, he’s no wide-eyed ranter; whether drinking with the bilge-rats of Libertyville or discussing philosophy at the Freeport Institute, he’s personable, friendly, and always willing to listen.

Found assassinated after the attack on Libertyville, his body was tied to the docks below the water line.

Masson Francisco

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