Dark Waters of Freeport

Madness Found

As they search the Labyrinth they encounter a maddening array of traps, puzzles and creatures that test their patience. In addition to the trolls they have had to deal with medusas and manticores. Every time they damage the structure in any way they seem to draw powerful undead from the ethereal plane. Also notable has been 2 powerful serpent creatures that almost got the best of them. One was a monk with snakes for arms, and the other, a human looking alienist that has escaped. The key all their trials has been discovery of some of the strange sigils that the arcane attackers of Freeport had on them. So far they have acquired sigils 1, 2 and 3. They have also discovered sigil 20, but were unable to acquire it as of yet. The vexing issue with these sigils is that once acquired they reveal additional parts of the labyrinth that were previously unseen. So every inch of the maze must be reexamined after gaining new sigils.



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